I was tagged…twice. I have yet to figure out how to post pictures from my phone so I’m cheating today and my Internet at home isn’t fast enought to post pictures. So I am posting a random one from this weekend.

This is a picture of Frankie, the miniature snowman. This weekend we got snowed on…by the time my helper monkeys came to snowblow the driveway yesterday around 1:30 we had about 6 inches and it was still snowing. We got at least another 3-4 inches over night and it’s still snowing this morning! I LOVE winter! Anyway, I digress. Mark and Travis (our roommate/landlord) are in Utah skiing so it was up to me to handle all the snow. I went out yesterday around noon to try and at least clear off the deck and a path to the driveway when I got distracted and decided to build a small snowman. The snow was PERFECT for snowman building. Unfortunately Frankies life was short as he was beheaded by my friend Shotty the dog when he came over to play. He’s still cute though! 🙂