I need a break from working on my work presentation for tomorrow and I just happen to have pictures from my trip saved on my computer. So again, it’s not following the rules, but enjoy!

This picture was taken when we were in Cooke City, Montana between Christmas and New Years. This was my second time out there and Mark’s gazillionth. When we’re out there I spend my time snowshoeing and exploring the surrounding area while he’s off tearing up the snow on his snowmobile. This was our second day out there and after ‘shoeing 6 miles I came back to the motel to find Mark anxious to go out snowshoeing with me. We took off on the snowmobile with the snowshoes strapped to a backpack and went up to an old abandoned mine. We walked around on flat ground, climbed in the mine shaft (picture above) and then climbed up to the top of the mountain which equated to about 7000 feet in elevation. It was a crazy climb in really deep snow, but it was a blast!

I love Cooke City for so many reasons and the pictures from our trips always bring a smile to my face.