Winter is my busiest season. It seems like every night and weekend there is something to do and I love it! It makes the season go by so quickly and a lot of the things that I do are outside. I don’t think I’m programmed for the warm weather as much as the cold. I’d much rather bundle up and look like a snowman while trying to do things than be sweating just walking out the door. So here’s a rundown of a typical week…

Mondays…Minnes0ta P0wer Alpine Ski League at Spirit Mountain
Tuesdays…Swimming with a friend
Wednesdays…Pilates at the Pr0ctor Community Center
Thursdays…C0urage Duluth Adaptive Ski Lessons
Fridays…UMD Hockey (if they’re in town) or dinner/drinks with friends

The weeks are full, but that’s the way I like it. The weekends are even fuller, but that’s all random stuff. I hope you all are enjoying the season!