This morning when I left for work I said “good-bye” to my favorite guy. After work today him and my roommate are leaving for Utah for a little over a week. It’s not like this is the first time I’ve been home alone, but I’m always kind of in a funk when he leaves. I hate being by myself. So this time I’ve filled up my evenings with lots of fun actitivites. Here’s the rundown…

Tonight: Driving to the Cities after work to hang out with Shanon
Tomorrow: State Destination Imagination Tournament in Anoka and then possibly dinner in St. Cloud
Sunday: Biking during the day and Dinner with a friend
Monday: Dinner and pistol shooting at G&G’s
Tuesday: Laundry 🙂
Wednesday: Pilates and Dinner with a friend
Thursday: Haircut
Friday, Saturday, and Sunday…no official plans yet, but I’ll make some as it gets closer.

It should be a busy and fun week…hopefully it will go by fast.

Have a good weekend!