I was just talking with Mark on the phone and he pointed me to this article posted today on Y@hoo!.


His statement was something like…”Hey look, your job is on this list. How come you’re always so stressed out?” I told him to bite me because I don’t work as a Technical Writer anymore and I can guarantee any job that “Compliance” in the title would be on the top 5 list of high-stress jobs. It was very satisfying to be able to use the phrase “bite me” today.

In other interesting tid-bits of information…this weekend was absolutely GORGEOUS. It was sunny, no wind, and 70 both days. I even got a little too much sun on my back, shoulders, arms and the tips of my ears. I was able to get out and go skating (with my new skates!), running, and even cleaned my car inside and out on Saturday all before attending a fun party. Then on Sunday we hung the new hummingbird feeder, fiddle-farted around in the yard, went biking, took a pontoon ride and ended the evening with a yummy grilled dinner. Ahhh…I wish the weekend didn’t have to end.