Well the last 2 weeks have been crazy and things won’t be slowing down anytime soon…here’s an overview.

The week after we got engaged we did a lot of celebrating. Dinner out with friends, champagne at home for the two of us and generally we were just enjoying the newness of all of it! So far my favorite parts of our engagement (except of course actually getting engaged) has been sharing the news with everyone. It seems like everyone is genuinely excited for us and it’s been so neat to chat with people whether it’s by email or phone.

The first weekend in June we headed down to the Twin Cities for a wedding. It was really fun and great to catch up with some of the DU’s that I used to hang out with at school. We also had the chance to see my Grandma, Mark’s aunts and our old neighbors so we could share our good news with them.

Last week just flew by, again. I dog sat for a friend of ours from Sunday – Friday. It was really fun to have a dog around. Between that, volleyball, and a hair appointment it was Friday before I knew it. I t ook the day off on Friday so we could go and look at potential wedding/reception sites. The weather was miserable, but we made do and ended up exploring a couple of outdoor venues (my umbrella bit the dust during one excursion) and four indoor sites. It was really fun, but pretty exhausting at the same time. All of our choices are very different from one another, but more on that in a bit.

Then last weekend we drove the the U.P., Norway to be exact, for another wedding. This time it was one of Mark’s friends from college (Murph). It was lots of fun and we caught up with some peopel we haven’t seen in a long time. The drive home yesterday was a little rough though…maybe it was a little too fun.

This week is shaping up to be similar to every other week, except once we get to this weekend I’ll get to stay in town. Gr@ndma’s Marathon is this weekend and a couple of people are coming into town so it should be a good time.

So…about the wedding/reception site decisions. I didn’t realize how hard it would be! There’s so many factors that weigh into the decision that it’s been a little bit overwhelming. We looked at four different venues for the reception all of which could accomodate different sized groups (anywhere from 150 – 500). So then we had to get an idea of how many people we could possibly have (insert quick call to the parents here). Then we had to look at cost because neither of us are independently wealthy. And here we are…today it’s Monday and we still can’t make a decision. We’ve talked and talked and talked about it and it’s still not for sure. I *think* we’ve narrowed it down to one, but we still have a couple more questions to ask. Maybe by this time tomorrow I’ll know for sure. Stay tuned…