We’ve had a  lot going on lately, both during the week and on weekends. And while it’s all been incredibly fun, it’s also been exhausting. 🙂

Last week the evenings were filled with:

Tuesday: Self defense class and dinner with friends
Wednesday: drinks at BWW followed by two volleyball games
Thursday: Biking/running followed by dinner at the bar while watching the basketball game
Friday: More reception site fun, swimming and dinner at home with about 12 of our friends
Saturday: Bloody Mary’s at the Grandma’s M@rathon finish line at 7:30am, lunch with a friend, nap :), dinner at a friends, live music down in C@nal Park, followed by some random bar stops (I was the sober drive)
Sunday: Dinner preparation, quick trip to Home Dep0t for Father’s Day gifts, running, and then dinner with both sets of parents

Like I said, it’s been lots of fun, but I’m tired! This week shouldn’t be quite as crazy so I’m hoping to go to bed a bit earlier than I have been. Here’s some of what’s in store for this week…

1. We really need to make a decision regarding where to have our wedding
2. Volleyball
3. Swimming with a friend
4. Running/biking if the weather is nice to get ready for Saturday
5. Skating with a friend
6. Triathlon

I hope you all have a great week!