This weekend was my 10 year high school reunion! I didn’t take any pictures, but it was a really great time! Friday night was the “class only” mixer. I put that in quotes because some people couldn’t come without their significant other so there was more than just our class there. I managed to keep it together, drank just a little, and drove myself home. I even woke up feeling like a rockstar the next morning. Saturday night was a little different story. I went there hungry (not a good idea), had a drink before dinner only to realize they had decided to serve pasta. And we were at a bar that doesn’t serve food. Uh oh. So I had some lettuce (I paid $60 to eat lettuce) and continued to have a couple more drinks. Needless to say having eaten only pancakes, sausage and eggs for breakfast, a muffin as a snack and some lettuce for dinner didn’t do much to keep the alcohol from taking over my body. Yesterday was spent on the couch watching movies. 🙂 But, overall it was really fun to see some people I don’t see often and I’m glad I went.

This morning on my way to work I had to stop and pick up a cake for the meeting we’re having this afternoon. It just so happens that the place is also where we’d like to get our wedding cake from. I inquired about prices and then asked if they’d be willing to make gluten free cupcakes if I brought them the ingredients and recipe so that they’d look just like the others. They agreed! *Whew* I was a little concerned about that part, but now it’s all set. Yippee!!

It’s going to be a lonely week or two around our house. Mark’s gone out to Montana for some mountain biking and fishing with our roommate this week. And then he’s home on Sunday and leaves again on Monday morning for 7 days to go to Arizona for work. 😦 Needless to say I’ll have to find lots of ways to keep myself busy for the next two weeks. I am really looking forward to next Saturday though! I have an appointment to go try on wedding dresses. My mom, dad and Mark’s mom are all coming with me. Yippee!

Happy Monday everyone!