I’m not sure what it is, but whenever Mark is gone I feel like I want to be a hermit. I don’t want to go anywhere, do anything or see anyone. It’s weird. I don’t do it, of course, because I have wonderful friends who I love spending time with, but if I didn’t I’d just stay home…and pout.

Monday night, instead of pouting, I went swimming with a couple of my girlfriends (and one of their husbands). It was a fun time and Sara even attempted to teach me how to do a flip turn. After inhaling pretty much the entire pool into my sinuses we called it quits and swam some more.

Last night I was at home. First I had to try and revive our plants (they were looking pretty droopy after the hot, humid day we had) with some water and some love. Our tomato plants were doing really wonderfully and now, not so much. A lot of the tomatoes have gotten blossom rot and I think a bug is eating the leaves. I’m going to try some insecticide on the plants tonight, but if that doesn’t work I’m kinda at a loss as to what to do. Our red chili (sp?) and jalapeno plants are doing mighty fine and they perked back up after I gave them a nice long drink. After my plant duties I set to work making a double batch of chili. Yum! I didn’t get to eat any, except for a taste, because I forgot it takes 2+ hours to make and I figured I should probably eat dinner before 11 PM. While the chili was cooking I cleaned the bathroom. It was gross.

Tonight is volleyball and then dinner with a couple of my girlfriends and maybe the guys from volleyball if we decide to invite them.

I decided while Mark is gone I’m going to make lots of yummy food and stock up the freezer for this fall/winter when things are going to get crazy with work. Hence the double batch of chili. In fact it was so big I couldn’t even fit it all in my biggest pot so I cooked everything together except the beans. I just added those when I put everything in their containers. I was hoping to accomplish a lot of my plan last Sunday, but instead I was on the couch. So here’s what’s in my freezer so far…

1 – 1 Quart bag of fresh shelled peas
1 – 1 Quart bag of fresh green beans
3 – 1 Quart bags of blueberries
1 – 1 Quart bag of shredded BBQ chicken for sandwiches
2 – 1 lb bags of cooked taco meat
1 – 1 lb bag of cooked maple sausage (ground)
2 – Ziploc Medium Bowls of Chili
6 – Ziploc Small Tist ‘n Loc Containers of Chili (for lunches)

Here’s the rest of the plan…

Enchiladas (including homemade sauce – packaged separately)
Spaghetti Sauce w/out Meatballs
Spaghetti Sauce w/Meatballs
Muffins (Banana and Pumpkin)
Stuffed Shells

I think that’s it for now…we’ll see though. It depends on how ambitious I get.