This weekend was a busy one.

Friday night was pretty low key. I went biking with a friend after work and after about 16 miles she got a flat tire. After trying (unsuccessfully) to fix it, I rode home, picked up my car and brought her to her car. Afterward I went home, made some stuffed zucchini, cleaned a little and watched Dear John. I went to bed early in anticipation of the excitement to come on Saturday.

Saturday was dress shopping day! Oh my was it fun. I tried on a total of 8 dresses, picked #7 of the 8 and went home smiling. After we were done at the dress store we (both my parents and Mark’s mom came with) grabbed some lunch and then walked around the festival that was happening in Grand Rapids that day. We left in the early afternoon for the drive back. In the late afternoon/early evening I took a trip to Moose Lake with my dad to visit with some of his relatives. It was fun to see them and catch up, especially with my Grandma and Grandpa who I don’t see nearly often enough. Saturday night was dinner at BWW’s with some friends while I waited for Mark to get back from Montana. They finally arrived around 11:30 PM and after chatting for a bit we hit the sack.

Sunday morning I made breakfast for the boys, baked some pumpkin muffins and helped with some of the unpacking. We took a trip out to Mark’s parents house to drop off his truck and pick up the car and on the way back we got some ice cream! That man knows the way to my heart!

This morning was an early one (4 AM to be exact). Mark had a flight scheduled to leave at 5:20 AM from Duluth. He was supposed to be gone for 7 days on a work trip to BFE Arizona. I brought him to the airport because his car is at the shop, gave him lots of hugs and kisses and drove home. No sooner had I walked in the door did my phone ring and it was him. He needed me to come back and pick him up, his flight was cancelled. So back in the car I went. We got home about 5 AM, climbed into bed for another hour and then got up for work.

I did alright sleep wise until about 2:30 this afternoon when I hit a wall and I was struggling to keep my eyes open. So now his flight is scheduled for the same time tomorrow and hopefully we don’t have a repeat performance. This time though we’re going to check his flight status BEFORE we leave the house. Not that I really mind all that much because it means I get one more night with him. 🙂 So instead of spending the night swimming with friends and coming home to an empty house, I get to hang out with him and have a date night. Just the two of us. Hopefully the weather stays nice because we’re planning to use a gift certificate we got as a gift to Bellisio’s down in Canal Park.