I just had a sandwich for lunch. You’re probably thinking to yourself…”Good for you.” or maybe “Wow! A sandwich.” Well the reason that I’m telling you all is because it was gluten free and I didn’t toast it! Those of you who are not familiar with gluten free products may not understand what this means. Generally, when using gluten free bread, one has to toast it to make it edible/stay together. Well, in doing some reading this week I came across a few articles that recommended Udi’s gluten free sandwich bread untoasted. I’ve been using this bread for awhile, but have always toasted it so today I decided to be a rebel and brought my untoasted ham and cheese sandwich to work for lunch. And guess what…it was fantastic! I’m super excited.

P.S. You’re probably also thinking to yourself that I seem to be posting a lot lately and yes, I have. It’s probably because Mark’s gone and usually I just talk to him. But, since he’s been gone the last two weeks it’s either I post my random thoughts here or I talk to myself. Since I don’t want to look like a crazy person I picked the first option. But, I promise to keep posting if you promise to keep reading. 🙂