Tucker George Nyholm. Born 12/4/2010. Joined our family on 3/6/2011.

One Big Happy Family!!

 His story… On Friday Mark attended the 2011 Annual Fundraiser for the Midwest Chapter of the Wild Sheep Foundation. At this event they hold both silent and live auctions to raise money. It’s a two day/evening deal, but Mark went only on Friday. While he was there he met a cute little yellow lab named Sandy who was going to be a part of the live auction on Saturday. When Trav went to the dinner/auction on Saturday Mark gave him the ok to bid up to a certain $ amount – thinking that there was no way he’d go for that since he’s a well bred bird dog. Well, guess what? Our maximum price was exactly what he went for so Trav brought him home for us! While all this was happening Mark and I were up at Gr@nd Superior Lodge tasting food for our upcoming wedding (I’ll post all about that later). Now Mark and his friends often like to play practical jokes on each other so when Trav texted saying we were now proud dog owners and asking what his name should be, we didn’t really believe him. But, then throughout the evening he texted pictures of him getting chipped, hanging out in bed with Trav and then on Sunday morning in the car on the way home. Neither Mark or I really believed Trav until we got to his house on Sunday morning and there was a kennel outside and a cute little dog inside. 🙂 We changed his name from Sandy to Tucker because Sandy he just didn’t seem like a Sandy. His middle name is George because that’s what we told Trav to name him as a joke, thinking that he wasn’t ours, on Saturday night.
So after picking him up we stopped at L&M (a local hardware/feed store) to pick up some dog supplies and then headed home. He was pretty tired from all the activity of the last few days so he slept a lot and mostly hung out in his kennel or under the dining room table. We played outside a little and mostly just tried to get him used to his new home. Then Monday morning Mark flew out to California for work this week. So it’s just Tucker and I this week and it’s been interesting! We’ve had a few accidents on the floor which prompted me to purchase a B!ssell Spot Bot (the best investment ever!). But, mostly we’ve been playing a lot and snuggling. I think he has a little big of devil in him. 🙂 He mostly just follows me around the house (unless I go down the stairs – he hasn’t mastered that yet) and always wants to know where I am. He does well in his kennel when we’re not there and sleeps in there with the door open at night. Overall he’s a good dog and I love him to pieces. I can’t wait to watch him grow!!

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