Between Tuesday afternoon and Wednesday evening we got 10 inches of rain which caused flooding and devastation throughout the Duluth/Superior area. Waking up Wednesday morning and turning on the news was a shock – to see all of the road closures, flooded homes and businesses and just general craziness was a little bit overwhelming. I made the decision to stay put and not try and brave the weather to go in to work. So Tucker and I stayed home together and just hung out. When we went out to check out what was going on on the road, he enjoyed swimming in the ponds and rivers that had been created in our neighbor’s driveway and the ditches!

I am so incredibly thankful that our damage was limited to fixing the driveway (which we did last night). I know so many other people who are dealing with flooded basements/houses and others who can’t leave their homes because of damage to roads. We were very fortunate and so were most of our friends and family. Someone was watching out for us!

After Mark came home from work we took a drive and here’s a bit of what we saw.