It’s hard to believe that it’s been over a year since I last posted an update on the progress in the bathroom! Needless to say things were moving slowly, but we’ve picked up some momentum in the last month or so. Since our last update, we installed a new window, sheetrocked, put the cement board on the floor, primed and painted. Although the paint color isn’t what we were hoping for so we picked out a new color last night and hopefully that will be the last coat of paint. The pictures below are from the post priming phase.

2014-07-06 13.08.31 2014-07-06 13.08.38 2014-07-06 13.08.44 2014-07-06 13.08.51 2014-07-06 13.08.58 2014-07-06 13.09.04

The biggest change in the bathroom is the color of the tub/shower surround unit. Late last month we hired a local company to come and spray the unit and make it white. It looks AMAZING! Mark had also done some work to patch where the old faucet was and make way for the new faucet and you can’t even tell where the old one was. I’m so impressed! Here’s one view of it, with the paint color that is going to change. 🙂 

2014-07-22 15.06.13

We have the tile and pretty much everything else we need to finish the job so hopefully my next update will be a) in the near future and b) of a complete bathroom!