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The last timeĀ I left you we had finished painting (or so we thought) and the tub/shower unit had been sprayed a pretty white. After living with the wall color for awhile we decided it was just too pink looking in certain lights. So we picked a new color and between Mark and my mom it’s now a much more appealing blue color. And I LOVE it! Next it was on to tile. We had ordered the tile awhile back and last Sunday Mark spent most of the day laying it. Now all that’s left is grout and we can finally install the toilet! Weehoo! A couple of other little updates happened over the last week as well. 1) Mark installed the outlets. 2) The exhaust fan works! and 3) Mark did something with the toilet area to get it ready for installation. Next up grout and lights!!2014-09-20 12.14.502014-09-20 12.15.08

2014-09-20 12.14.40

"To live. And as much as possible, to use your money in pursuit of a life so well-lived that people will never remember your clothes, your shoes, your handbag--they'll remember the interests you shared with them, the love you carried, the meals you ate together, the miracle of your family, the joy you took in your work, the arms-wide-open you brought to life itself."
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