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Does anyone still check this? Is anyone out there? I just downloaded the app for my iPad so I’m thinking I might try this again. It’s nice to be able to go back and see what’s happened in the past. We’ll see how it goes.

2 years ago today, Mark asked me to be his wife. I remember it like it was yesterday. We had packed up after camping for the Memorial Day weekend and headed out for the drive home along the north shore. We stopped at Gooseberry Falls state park for, what I thought, was a potty break. It was a beautiful sunny day so we took a walk down to the water and climbed down on a rock ledge. It was there that he weaseled the ring out of his pocket and popped the question. I think my first response was something like “are you serious?” and he was. I happily said yes! Afterward we went for a walk by the water and I wanted to tell everyone we passed that we had just gotten engaged. 🙂 I was SO excited. We continued our drive home and stopped at Mark’s parents to drop the boat off. While we were sitting in the gazebo talking, Mark broke the exciting news. Mark hadn’t told them of his plans so they were truly surprised! It was so much fun. We left there to drive to Trav’s (where we were living at the time) and I called my parents asking if we could stop by later. I made up some excuse for coming over, little did I know that they already knew. A few days before we left for camping, Mark had gone and asked for their blessing. It was so much fun to break the news to everyone and to have them share in our excitement. It was the start of a new journey and is one of the best days of my life so far.




Mark and I have been crazy busy. The kind of crazy busy that means you don’t spend a lot of time together. Most days we’re going in separate directions and meeting at home late for a quick chat and then off to bed. That’s how I thought Valentine’s Day was going to go, but here’s what actually happened.

Monday nights we’re usually both at the local ski hill for separate reasons. I ski in a race league and he teaches proper tobaggon techniques for the ski patrol candidates. Sometimes we meet in the bar afterward, but most nights he hangs out with his crew and I hang out with mine. This Monday I showed up to the hill, got my gear on and was ready to head out and ski when I realized I didn’t have any house keys. (My car was in the shop and I forgot to grab my house keys off the key chain, but that’s another story.) So I text Mark and ask to borrow his so that I can go home after I get done with my runs and start making dinner, I was thinking maybe mac and cheese?!? I get a text back saying that he’s not at the ski hill. Huh? It turns out that he had shown up for training and since there were only two candidates and five patrollers he decided to go do some errands instead. After a few back and forth texts he said he’d meet me at home around 7:30. I did some skiing on the horribly craptastic snow and headed home just in time to meet him in the driveway. We pulled into the garage, get out of our cars and he hands me flowers, red roses to be exact. I was SO excited. Mark has made it very well known how much he thinks Valentine’s Day is dumb so I was shocked to see flowers in his hand. Once we got in the house he hands me a card and shows me all of the stuff that he picked up for dinner – salad, asparagus, risotto and fresh lake trout! So we spent the rest of the evening drinking champagne (that was my Valentine’s Day and happy first day of work present to him), making dinner, exchanging cards and just relaxing together. It was one of the best nights I have had in a long time. And it was all because we had an extra two hours of just us time that night.

And tonight we’re going to the boat show! It doesn’t get more romantic than that. 😉

I just updated our wedding website with a bunch of information and thought I’d share the collage I created for the site. It’s a combination of pictures from throughout our relationship. 🙂

On Monday night Mark and I had our first date night inI can’t even remember when. I picked him up from work, we went home, he installed a sump pump in the basement while I filled the bird feeders (romantic, right? :)) and then we headed down to Canal Park for dinner at Bellisios. It was one of the rare Duluth nights where it was 90 on top of the hill and just as warm by the lake. We sat outside on the patio, had some wine, a delicious meal and wonderful conversation. We were both pretty tired after the early morning start to the day, but it was great to just relax and enjoy each other without interruption. After dinner we headed home, brushed our teeth and crawled into bed by 9:30. While it wasn’t anything spectacular and it sure wasn’t a late night, it was one of the best times I’ve had in awhile.

"To live. And as much as possible, to use your money in pursuit of a life so well-lived that people will never remember your clothes, your shoes, your handbag--they'll remember the interests you shared with them, the love you carried, the meals you ate together, the miracle of your family, the joy you took in your work, the arms-wide-open you brought to life itself."
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